1 What is your return policy?

To return an item, a request must be made to The Boston Sax Shop within 4 calander days of an item being received.  Refunds will be remitted pending inspection upon the return of the item and will be for the original purchase price only, excluding all shipping costs. To start a return, contact the shop via email at to receive an RMA number.

All requests for returns made after the 4 day period will be denied. Any return made without an RMA number will be denied.

All mouthpieces, saxophones and necks are subject to a 7% cleaning and restocking fee of no less than $50 and no more than $500.


2 How do I book an appointment?

At the bottom of each page on this site is a 'book an appointment' button, click it to get started. I cannot book appointments over the phone or via email.


3 How much does repairing my saxophone cost/can you give me an estimate before I book an appointment?

My bench rate is $85 an hour with a $50 minimum. However, each instrument and in turn, each repair is unique and therefore I cannot give estimates without having your saxophone in my hands. Estimates are free however, please book a 20 minute consult to get started.


4 What is your overhaul warranty?

I warranty my work for1 full year from pickup, any and all adjustments pending negligence or damage will be gratis. I extend this warranty to all the horns I sell unless otherwise noted.


5 Do you accept repair work through the mail?

Yes, please contact me to make arrangements to ship a horn for repairs


6 What materials do you use on your overhauls?

I prefer to use traditional tan leather pads, natural materials and to match the resonators as closely as possible to the original ones your horn would have left the factory with . However, Im always open to any requests you have.


7 How long will it take for you to ship my online purchase?/Do you offer expedited shipping?

Orders are typically shipped within 1-2 days of cleared payment via standard USPS shipping. Expedited shipping is available, please contact the shop if you need something to arrive sooner.


8 Can I order saxophones online?

Yes, please email or call if you would like to have a horn shipped to you.


9 Why do you only do work and sales by appointment only?

I like to work one on one. I think the experience is beneficial to the two of us as it allows for my complete attention to produce my best work and also gives you exclusive access to the inventory of the shop while you're here.


10 Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship our products all over the globe!


12 How do the different reeds you carry compare to each other?

I have put a lot of hours into playing each brand of reeds sold at BSS and feel that the following notes accurately describe the general feel and sound of each:

Ishimori - Powerful, Most flexible, Brilliant without being thin or overly edgy.

Rigotti Gold Jazz - Best middle of the road, Clear in all registers, Not too bright, not too dark.

Rigotti Gold Classic - The perfect classical reed, No edge, Stable and warm.

AW Jazz - More centered, Less brillance than Ishimori or Rigotti but still projects extreamly well, Very full and rich.

AW Classic - Most homogenous, Woody, Darkest but not dull sounding, Nice even resistance you can push. 


13 How do I adjust the BALAM back strap to fit me better?

The Balam strap can be fit to work with all body types and saxophones. Click the link here for details on how to easily make the adjustments yourself. 


 14 How do I know when a back ordered item is restocked?

All of the products I carry are made in small amounts and many items are imported from all over the world. I try my best to keep everything in stock but sometimes there is a delay. Please fill out the form below and you will be sent an email as soon as the item in question is available for sale. Please note that this email list is separate from the 'Boston Sax Shop Newsletter', you will only receive an email when your item is restocked and then will be removed from the 'Re-stock List'.

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