Unlike conventional music stores, the Boston Sax Shop operates by appointment only. This unique experience grants each customer one on one attention and customer service that is unparalleled in the industry. When you come to BSS to try an instrument, you are given private access to the inventory, guaranteeing an ideal environment to make a confident decision on a new horn. In the saxophone studio we also offer recording services so that a customer can listen back objectively to different instruments to compare. This is an incredibly important tool that BSS exclusively offers. Once a horn is purchased the customer also receives the opportunity to have the horn customized by Jack Finucane, on the spot. 


Each horn put on consignment is given a one hour setup by Jack Finucane ($85 value) prior to being listed. This ensures that the saxophone will be in professional playing condition when it is trialed. The person who will be selling your horn is also the person who has played your horn and personally worked on it giving BSS a unique advantage as a selling service. In addition, the Boston Sax Shop warranties any used instrument sold for one year to its customers. The instrument is professionally photographed and listed on our popular social media channels in addition to the BSS website and email list ensuring maximum exposure. The shop and the instruments inside are protected by video surveillance and our saxophone studio is temperature controlled and located on the second floor with all windows and access monitored by ADT security services.


Each instrument taken in on consignment is handled directly by the owner and repair technician of The Boston Sax Shop, Jack Finucane. This ensures that the person selling your horn is also the person the consigner has spoken with during the entire process. Customer service is taken very seriously and personally at BSS and we respond quickly and efficiently to all of our consigners and customers. In addition to our local traffic, The Boston Sax Shop has industry connections worldwide and works closely with many particular buyers and shops around the globe to find a home for your instrument. 


For these services The Boston Sax Shop takes a industry standard 20% commission less all transaction fees


To consign, start by booking a consult appointment